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Entry #1

Pean-aat Baa-tter

2010-05-29 22:24:05 by MissJinsu

Not much to do on Newgrounds for me.

I would love to voice act but I need a microphone and other stuff just to even get started.
I would love to animate but I bearly know how to use Flash anyways...I should learn since I got the time now since I'm done with school.

I finally settled down with a name I can be happy with though.
I really should add better artwork here...I am planning to be a artist and well I wanna make sure people see what I am capable of you know?

Peace out not War In~!


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2010-06-01 17:43:34

I want to voice act but i have no voice. Also, whats a microphone?

MissJinsu responds:

How do you have no voice? A Microphone is like something you talk to and it either records or makes your voice louder for others to hear you.


2010-12-06 19:35:44

this is pretty racist