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Best voice acting evar.

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Who took the cookie from the cookie Jar?

Aw fuck now I'm singing along to it.

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Oh yes~

And you thought C3PO couldn't get any more sexier.

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Phobotech responds:

He's fluent in over six million forms of bringing sexy back

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Fish go Boom

Guess the sharks would be happy with all this chum in the water.

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A lesson to learn

At first I didn't read the description (so I didn't know it was just a one play game) and played threw the game and I did the obvious, I tried to fix the mistake I have created. I did spend time with Molly around where her mother had committed suicide but after she died I didn't return to the park. See when I think about that I ask myself why did I go back to the lab? I was probably trying to save myself or whoever was left on the face of the earth. Or maybe it was just a desperate attempt to fix all the problems that I had created before I die but I failed and died there within the lab. Now if I knew I had literally only one turn at this game I would of done the other obvious action and spend time with my family, that didn't happen of course.

Even if it's just a mer game it really makes you think twice about life itself and who knows maybe we will live a few more years then expected but if given the knowledge we would all die in a collective amount of days I think I'll just try to be happy and go in peace instead of trying to fix everything out of guilt and regret and instead just accept what I have done in my life and close my eyes and let what was planned take it's course.

Great work and I would love to see more!

P.S: I liked the texture of the background you used and I'm not sure if there's already a movie out with this kind of storyline (probably similar ones) but this would make a great movie.

Ew...this key smells funny...

It's really nice to get away from challenging games with some kind of dark twist or violence. This was a nice break and was charmingly funny. Like how the dog suddenly pooped out a key to which I replied "ew..." and at the end where he had those gleaming eyes feeling accomplished as he helped the animals, robots, and weird fish guy was kind of hilarious.

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RADICAL! My brain totally exploded to this funk-a-licious music.


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Ha ha.

I feel bad for Kenstar but he looks so cute all sad like that <3. Awesome coloring by the way!

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